Make a Difference Day crews work to clean up the mess

GRAHAM COUNTY – Have a little pride and put the trash where it belongs; that’s all the cleanup volunteers ask.

Bright and early Saturday morning, volunteers within the community gathered at Glenn Meadows Park to receive their cleanup locations. This year’s Make a Difference Day featured cleanups of the bike trail, as well as multiple illegal dump sites. South Eastern Arizona Clean and Beautiful, (SEACAB) was in charge of the cleanup, lending out gloves and safety jackets as well as supplying the trash bags needed to collect litter from bike trails near the park. The SEACAB crew are all volunteers. SEACAB is a nonprofit entity that partners with various communities to aid in community cleanup. Illegal dumping, also called wildcat dumping, is one of the biggest hurdles it faces.

Using a flatbed trailer, the SEACAB crew visited multiple illegal dump sites. One site, down a dirt road, was located off Graham Canal Road near the north side of the Gila River. The dump consisted of sofas, mattresses, boxsprings and even a flat-screen television. There were glass bottles and paper, as well as diapers halfway dissolved into the ground. Tim Linden, director of SEACAB, told the Courier that although many individuals may not know it, City of Safford residents are all given the opportunity to go to the Safford Landfill for free once a month. City of Safford residents simply have to show their…

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SEACAB Make A Difference Day cleanup of illegal dump site.

Posted by Eastern Arizona Courier on Saturday, October 27, 2018