The story behind PurNat

Mountain bike and hiking enthusiast, Marcel Poiré was constantly confronted by the past, to scenes of neglect and failure to respect the environment. At each of its outings in the forest, he picked up bottles and cans on his way. Despite his efforts, he went quickly to evidence that illegal dumps were present and that he would fail to pick up all the trash just by himself. He’d find automobile tires, oil containers, scrap metal of all kinds, household trash and big items such as cars. So, he started to research to identify organizations that could come clean up these polluted sites.

In the absence of resources, he decided to work with his son Jean-Raphaël Poiré. They then decided to create a nonprofit organization. After several months of research and consultation, PurNat Canada was created in July 2013.

To this day, Marcel and Jean-Raphaël are working with partners, volunteers and government officials to have a clean environment for the next generations to come. They truly believe that working all together can solve this outrageous problem all over the globe.  For a waste-free nature!


PurNat rests on three cornerstones:
Educating young
Raise awareness
Mobilize volunteers

PurNat means purity and nature. The name derives from a simple principle: to give back to our forests their purity and their natural state.

More than a Non-profit organization

The terms “socially responsible organization” explain very well the mission of our company that mobilizes communities to empower them to illegal dumps.